Libby is holding Bouquet no. 2 in Lush

Libby is holding Bouquet no. 2 in Lush

                          About Libby

Libby is no stranger to the design world. Starting  her career with London's fashion designer

Margaret Howell, she ended up creating an extensive career in textile design.

Aside from being a mother of three children, Libby owned and operated, The Smiths, in SoHo,

and went on to wholesale directly to Barneys and other luxury retail stores.

Libby studied floral design in New York, London, and Paris. BeetleBug opened in late 2016.

Whatever the occasion, Libby’s styling and designs are sure to leave the perfect statement.

About Jessie

Jessie is holding Bouquet no. 3 in Lush 

Jessie is holding Bouquet no. 3 in Lush 

Starting off her career in the fine arts, Jessica Kilkelly uses a contemporary knowledge of colour

theory, a bold passion for sculpture and large scale sculptural design, and an unfailing love for botany

to create a bold twist on everyday florals.  Specializing in floral installations, large scale sculptures,

and everyday designs that mask the ordinary. 

"Floral design isn't just about setting a table anymore. No one can deny the luxury of coming home to fresh flowers, but what if we took it a few dozen steps forward and propelled it into the world of design. My goal moving forward is very simply put, to turn back time, and rework one of our most valuable and plentiful elements. Flowers were artistry before we ever defined the artist.